Cmd-E is a rapid way to query a large language model, without leaving your browser tab

When reading or writing content in the browser, you might find yourself doing this dance too often:

  • copying some text on the page
  • opening a new Claude or ChatGPT tab
  • pasting the text and annotating the input field with some question or instruction
  • waiting for the response before returning to your original tab

Or maybe you just switch tabs a lot to ask Claude something. What if you had a shortcut key to open a modal on any page, and could ask Claude in one or two keypresses?

Cmd-E opens a modal with fully customizable template prompts, prefilled with any text you had selected on the webpage.


  1. Install the chrome extension
  2. Optionally, select some text on any webpage
  3. Press Cmd + E (or Ctrl + E on windows)

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